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Seidenmann is known for spectacular silk scarves, shawls and ties, created with exacting attention to detail.  The silk fabrics are woven in Italy and then hand rolled and sewn in a time honored
 Swiss tradition in Zurich.

We sat down with Andreas Hurr, designer of Seidenmann to ask him some questions about his brand.

When did you start your brand and what inspired you to do so?

Andreas: In 2012 we started the Brand Seidenmann. 

What is your background and how does that inform your design process? 

Andreas: I studied Fabric Design and I love to design things that can have a different effect each time they are used and can be used differently by everybody.

What is important to me when designing is the changeability of the finished product, the scarf, which can be turned and folded in all four directions and allows to one to discover new aspects through different styles.

The goal is always to craft something truly unique and imaginative that will become a favorite piece in your wardrobe.

How would you define your aesthetic? 

Andreas: For me it is important to design things that are used by people for today.

The design should be modern, contemporary and with the a claim to timelessness. There is not a certain style which fascinates me but a lot of different forms to give a piece a certain character.

Describe your process, from sourcing to end product, is your process unique in some way? 

Andreas: First there is often an inspiration that asks for a certain product, for example there are ideas which are clearly for a small square or a long scarf or a big shawl. Then I take photos and research my idea. For example, a scarf on the Serengeti theme, I would find out which animals live in the Serengeti or in case of another theme the corresponding background.

Then I draw or paint the design, partly in one piece or in single parts, which I can then put together to create a whole. I almost always draw by hand on paper, in other words, in a very classical way. I like this "old-fashioned" way of working, because I can approach a subject in a very artistic way and a hand drawing always has a special and personal expression. The finished drawing is then scanned and processed in various image processing and drawing programs on the computer and then arranged on the draft.

Afterwards the design is coloured in different colour variations. I have printed small colour samples on silk as samples for each colour to use in this process. This last step is very important and can give the design a very different character. For example, a design can look summery, childlike, elegant or calm just by the colouring. This process of the final touch is very exciting and sometimes takes quite a long time.

The best experience is the first time you see the first printed proof of a design.

Is there a social/cultural/ecological etc…message that you are wanting to express or exemplify with your brand? 

Andreas: We invest a lot of time in our designs and pay great attention to special details. Our accessories are produced by small manufacturers and studios in Italy and Switzerland. We know all the manufacturers personally and have been working together successfully for many years. This way we can ensure that our products are manufactured under fair conditions and in the highest quality. I always wish that our customers appreciate this and enjoy our sustainably produced accessories for a very long time.

What type of person are you designing for? 

Andreas: We design and produce accessories for customers who are looking for something special, be it as an accessory for themselves or as a beautiful gift for a loved one.

Our customers appreciate the high quality and workmanship of our carefully designed accessories. 

The age range reaches from young first-time buyers, who buy their first bow tie for prom, to older ladies, who already have many scarves from us and are looking for a nice gift for their friends. 

Is there something that has inspired you in your life that you would like to share with others? 

Andreas: For me the beauty of things is always a great source of inspiration. Through my designs I try to capture this beauty and put it in the centre of attention. 

What advice would you give to other designers or small business owners that are trying to make it in the fashion world? 

Andreas: I recommend every designer who wants to establish his own label to stay true to himself in any case and never lose motivation. This may sound a bit trite but I think that you need this persistence to create a coherent product. We designers put a lot of effort into the development of our designs, and you can only do this convincingly if you yourself are fully convinced of your own work.

In my opinion, for a good product a good design with a production of the highest quality is the only possible option for successful marketing.

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