El'Cobre Rainbow Copper Bottle - shop IdPearl
El'Cobre Rainbow Copper Bottle - shop IdPearl
El'Cobre Rainbow Copper Bottle - shop IdPearl
El'Cobre Rainbow Copper Bottle - shop IdPearl

Rainbow Water Bottle

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This El’Cobre Copper Bottle is designed to be perfect in size for everyday life. This delightful Limited Edition Printed Tower Copper Bottle combines elegance and style with everyday practicality and just another way you can stay hydrated, healthy and built for extraordinary look with fantastic design.  28 OZ. 

In addition to the chic design, our bottle is made one at a time by experienced craftsmen dedicated to the art of metal working. Because of this, no two bottles are exactly identical in design and delivers the timeless look, incredible taste and eye-catching style. Our copper bottle makes every piece an art with attention to detail when crafting Copper Bottles is unmatched.

Each bottle is shaped and polished by hand and are made for drinking water and balance your body’s PH levels while reducing the negative impact of disposable plastic bottles on our planet.

AYURVEDIC HEALTH BENEFITS OF USING COPPER BOTTLE – Copper is considered an essential mineral for our body. Ayurveda recommends storing water  over night in copper Utensil and drinking it first thing in the morning is essential for hemoglobin synthesis, bone strength and immunity building.

Copper helps in formation of myelin sheaths, making your brain work much faster and more efficiently.  It’s continuous use helps in reducing bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.  Copper is an Antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic that prevents cell damage and slows aging, helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and patchy skin.  Copper is a primary element to produce melanin (pigmentation of eyes, hair and skin) in human body.  Copper is a good tonic for the liver, spleen, and lymphatic system and helps in curing anaemia.  

Copper melts away the excess fat. Copper water helps in maintaining digestive health, reduces fat and alleviates excess obesity, reduces joint pain, maintains good digestion & make your life healthy.  Copper is essential for brain and organ development; helps the body absorb essential minerals; helps relieve symptoms of arthritis and lowers cholesterol.  


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