Fuza Wool Liv Turtleneck Sweater - shop idPearl
Fuza Wool Liv Turtleneck Sweater - shop idPearl
Fuza Wool Liv Turtleneck Sweater - shop idPearl
Fuza Wool Liv Turtleneck Sweater - shop idPearl
Fuza Wool

Fuza Wool Liv Turtleneck Sweater

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Liv is a beautiful jacquard knitted turtleneck sweater made from extra soft and pure merino wool. The sweater is knitted on manual machines, which are CO2 neutral. The design is inspired from old traditional Danish knit pattern. The wool is colored using sustainable colors.

It is produced in Nepal under conditions that are both fair and transparent. A part of the profit is donated to help poor children in the local area to get an education.

Wool is a natural and sustainable material, which is 100% biologically degradable and very durable. It is both breathable and anti-bacterial, which means it rarely needs to be washed.

The Sweater can be hung on a rack or hanger overnight on your balcony or terrace, so long as it is kept in shelter from rain. By airing the sweater out in this manner, it will be fresh and ready to wear again.

Made exclusively in Nepal. Available in Dark Rose

Yarn composition Merino 100% Wool

Small = US size 2-4

Medium = US size 6-8

How to care for your product:

All our products are handmade from 100% natural lambswool or Merino wool from New Zealand and the wool naturally contains lanolin which gives it a natural cleaning effect. It still has these natural effects even though it’s no longer on the sheep.

Therefore the best solution for caring for our wool products is to just simply place them outside to air which then starts the natural cleaning process and the wool will keep clean like that for quite a while depending on how much it’s being used. When placed outside in the air all kinds of smell coming from food, smoke or what not then will go away within a short while. If you obtain small stains here and there from for example food or such then you can just handwash the product with a bit of wool soap in cold water right by the stain instead of washing the entire product.

Meet the designer:

Fuza Wool is a Danish family business. The Fuza Wool journey began with the founders’ wanderlust, curiosity and desire to use the whole world as a creative work space. On our travels we met and were inspired by local craftsmen and women, who for generations have nurtured and passed down their fine traditions in hand knitting. With our own proud Nordic design traditions, we respectfully blended inspiration from the East, a love of nature and outdoor living and the Danish concept of ‘hygge’, and Fuza Wool was born.

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