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Patrick Cupid

Beauty, softness and elegance are inherent in each collection by PATRICK CUPID.  Ultimate luxury is combined with contemporary prints and styling.  Designed and manufactured responsibly from start to finish in the heart of New York City.  

We sat down with Patrick Cupid to ask him some questions about his brand.

Designer Patrick Cupid

When did you start your brand and what inspired you to do so?

Patrick: In 2017 Romanian Fashion Philosophy invited me as a guest designer. In producing the collection to show in Bucharest, I realized it was time to make the brand official. 

What is your background and how does that inform your design process? 
Patrick: I am New Yorker, curious about the world. My fascination with history, science, theology, and anthropology are prevalent in my design and aesthetic. Sometimes the interpretation is literal and other times coded. 

How would you define your aesthetic? 

Patrick: Individually understated! I create prints that are wild and full of color layered with pleats and ruffles, in a composition that is complex but easy and never too much. I pursue good taste, whether in minimalism or the ornate. 

Describe your process, from sourcing to end product, is your process unique in some way? 

I love research, so developing a concept is probably my favorite part of the process. The initial sketch will dictate what fabrics are required to create the desired effect. Developing the silhouettes comprises of flat pattern and draping techniques, which help achieve an optimal fit.

Currently, I am sourcing biodegradable and recyclable material as locally as possible. I am always looking at fabrics and textures in every available opportunity—the quality of textiles is of the utmost importance. I pull from a selection of materials that suppliers have in stock for each collection that I can re-order if needed. I will not compromise unless there is a better option. 

I think what makes the whole process unique is my drive to create as little waste as possible. I often re-use fabrics leftover from previous seasons or die them to match the current color story. The brand Patrick Cupid underlays its entire philosophy with a positive drive to sustain the planet. I am endeavoring to minimize our environmental impact by creating less waste.

patrick cupid

Is there a social/cultural/ecological etc…message that you are wanting to express or exemplify with your brand? 

Patrick: Yes, Love your clothes! 

When you love something, it takes on a different meaning and value. The things we cherish we keep. My goal is to promote responsible consumption; each season is designed relative to the last, allowing a wardrobe to be built over time piece by piece.

As a palette of color opens and develops, shifting from summer into fall encompassing seasonal prints, shapes, and silhouettes evolve to establish themselves in harmony with their predecessors and can be layered or paired together, bridging several collections. 

What type of person are you designing for? 

Patrick: The Patrick Cupid brand embodies an elegance that is, in its way, a contemporary intellect. Clothing for those with an eye for beauty, who dress for themselves. Patrick Cupid speaks to the unconventional individual who follows her mind and does not adhere to trend.  

Is there something that has inspired you in your life that you would like to share with others? 

Patrick: I am fascinated with old movies, archeological documentaries, and sci-fi. Interpretation is a common denominator between these interests and feeds the sleuth inside me. As writers and directors, archeologists present their idea of a story, time, or event similar to how an artist uses paint or sculpture. Not only do I find inspiration in these places, but it has formed the basis for how I research a concept and approach design.

For example, I have adopted a style code directly inspired by classic film and theatre and applied in my ready-to-wear. A simple detail that makes absolute sense and yet isn't normative.

What advice would you give to other designers or small business owners that are trying to make it in the fashion world? 

Say something!

Without a dialogue, the clothes are just more pretty things. That message doesn't have to be relevant, but it does have to be relatable. Enjoy the process, and learn that this business is fast evolving, so don't get bogged down in what or who you don't know. Keep an open mind and move forward. 
Patrick Cupid

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