Meet the Designer: Ophelia & Indigo, Ethically Sourced Indian Printed Cotton

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Thoughtful Production 

We want to create beautiful, well-made, well-priced clothes with minimal waste and environmental impact. It was essential to us when we began O & I that we found a trusted manufacturing partner who shared our values and worked in an ethical and sustainable way. 

We are producing small-runs of each collection to minimize wastage and designing made-to-last pieces with a timeless quality that can be worn year after year. 


Ophelia & Indigo

Collaboration and Community


A vital component for us is to work with and support like-minded creative people. We have had incredible support from our local community and friends which has helped us enormously. We are delighted to support freelance creatives and collaborate with other small businesses. 

Giving Back


A crucial part of doing this is to be able to give back and partner with causes that matter. We could not be more thrilled to be working with Pajama Program and to be able to support their vital work giving children who are most in need, a comforting bedtime routine.  

Having Fun


Lastly and this is really important, this is about doing something that we love and having fun! 

Ophelia & Indigo

The Designers

Ophelia & Indigo was created in the midst of the pandemic by friends Claire and Lucy, who both relocated to New York with their families from London due to work. Former fashion buyer and ethical sourcing specialist, Claire and Lucy, who has a background in PR and copywriting, initially met through their children’s school in Brooklyn. They later worked together on a number of professional projects.

The starting point was to design the perfect throw-on dress for the heat of the New York summer, made from carefully selected, ethically sourced Indian printed cotton at an affordable price-point.

Inspiration was drawn from the vintage pieces Claire had sourced on her many buying trips across the world but with a modern update and the collection evolved from there.

Ophelia & Indigo

- by Mary Vukovic'

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