Our Story

The i + d stand for introducing and developing pearls of independent designers, who inspire to create collections that are wonderfully unique and beautiful, just like a precious pearl formed by nature's own hand. 

Our mission is to support a community of makers, designers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers by bringing these creatives together to realize a place of timeless beauty for you to celebrate and enjoy.  

idPearl Brand Story

 Here at idPearl, we believe conscious consumerism is circular and should benefit everyone in some way.  That happens by creating a community that looks out for each other, and by giving back.  idPearl automatically gives back 10% of each sale over $100.00 to the cause of your choice.  Every time you spend at least $100.00 at idPearl, you will receive 10% back in the form of a gift card to support your favorite charity project through globalgiving.org.

Artisan luxe that gives back, beautiful!

When you make a purchase from our e-shop, you support the craft of independent designers and color the world more splendidly.  

In 2015, idPearl Inc. was established as a sales and marketing showroom for international fashion designers from around the globe.  You can learn more about our parent company at www.idpearl.com/about

Welcome to the world of idPearl! 

Waste less and love more.