Giving Back Terms

Here at idPearl, we believe conscious consumerism is circular and should benefit everyone in some way.  That happens by creating a community that looks out for each other, and by giving back.  idPearl automatically gives back 10% of each sale over $100.00 to the cause of your choice.  Every time you spend at least $100.00 at idPearl, you will receive 10% back in the form of a gift card to support your favorite charity project through

The more you spend, the more you give.  And that makes us all happy!

Terms of Giving Back Program:

You will receive a Global Giving gift card via email within approximately one week of making a purchase on  The amount of the gift card will be dependent on the total purchase of your order.   Here is a summary for easy reference:

Spend less than $100 - the order is not eligible for a gift card in any amount

Spend between $100 and $500 - receive gift card equal to 10% of your order

Spend over $500 - receive gift card in the amount of $75.00 which is the maximum gift card value available within this program.  

The gift card can only be used to support a charity project of your choice included on the website.  There is no cash value for any gift card, and the gift card cannot be used as cash with or any other company or organization.  

For any returns at a future date, the value of the gift card will not be refunded to you.  For example, an order value of $100 is eligible to receive a gift card for $10.00 to Global Giving.  The refund of your order once the return is processed, will be $90.00, not $100.00.  The gift card valued at $10.00 will remain valid and available for you to redeem directly with Global Giving on their website.  

For any additional questions regarding this program, please reach out to us via email at  Thank you!