How To Wear a Scarf: The Most Versatile of Accessories

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Scarves really are the most wonderful of accessories as they have both a practical and a decorative function. They can provide warmth and protection against the elements when needed, and can also bring color and pattern to enhance your outfit and mood. A fine quality scarf made of silk or cashmere against the skin is also a comforting experience and feels luxurious. So it can be an act of self-care to wrap yourself in something that feels that good. There is also a timeless elegance to scarves. They will never go out of style. 

We've put together some tips for the best way to wear scarves. We hope they inspire you to get creative and to appreciate scarves, as much as we do. 

Neck ties, also known as farfallas, are fun and versatile and can be worn like a piece of jewelry. They can be tied around the neck, knotted in a pussy bow for a feminine look, or even tied in the style of a men's neck tie, on the bare neck or over a button down shirt.  They can also be tied into your hair, or wrapped around a hat or handbag, or even your wrist. They are so lightweight and easy, you can carry it with you as needed for when you want to use it. 


Scarves come in different shapes and sizes which allows for different looks and uses. A square head scarf, also known as a carré, can be folded and worn over the hair to keep your coiffeur in place, like the glamorous ladies of the past used to do. Or it can be folded and knotted over the hair, or tied at the neck in different ways. A traditional long scarf, or schal, can be braided into the hair for a bohemian look, and double wrapped over your head to make a turban. It can also be a great layer around the neck on those cooler days, double wrapped or knotted.

The coziest of all scarves, the shawl, also known as a foulard, is the most generous in size, making it the go to for warmth and comfort, especially in wool or cashmere fabrications. Wrap it beautifully around your neck and shoulders in different ways thanks to it's flexible size. It an also be draped over your hair to make a hood & scarf combination. It can even be tied around the waist over leggings, sarong style. As the days become cooler, you may feel the need for your very own petite sized blanket, which is exactly what the perfect shawl can be. 

Anna Wintour in Seidenmann

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