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Wavy50 Long Necklace
These days comfort is key. As much of our world becomes more virtual, the need for full body workwear lessens. Video based meetings and calls mean you can look put together, while still wearing your slippers and none will be the wiser. 
A great way to pull your look together is by adding accessories, especially jewelry. You can wear a simple sweater or top, and once you layer a necklace and some earrings, it will change your look completely. When you see someone wearing jewelry, you know that they have taken that extra effort to put themselves together with care and also with an eye towards beauty. Jewelry is pleasing to the wearer, and it's also pleasing to those that observe it. 
And there are so many directions one can go with jewelry. You can choose a timeless look, and nothing says timeless like pearls. The message with pearls is I'm an adult and you can count on me to be thoughtful and present. Even with pearls one can go simple with classic white or add some whimsy with colored pearls or pearls mixed with gemstones and metals in unique ways. 
Angie Baroque Pearl Drop EarringsFlora Baroque Pearl Choker
Another popular choice is gemstone jewelry, in which there are as many options as there are gemstones in the world. Nature is prolific in her ability to create a plethora of unique stones in different colors and patterns that can take your breath away. With gemstones, color is a strong factor in terms of what look we want to express. The red and orange colors depict strength, passion and power. Blue colors are more soothing and gentle. Green feels alive and nurturing and earthy colors add stability and a sense of groundedness. 
Farra Gemstone Earrings
One thing is for sure, jewelry provides options for mixing up our looks, even when we are not inspired to change out of our cozy loungewear. Just add some inspiration with a pair of drop earrings or a necklace. Jewelry brand Carolina Wong, is handmade and expresses a unique aesthetic so it is easy to find one of kind pieces that make you look and feel special every day. 

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