SS'23 Paris Couture Fashion Week Recap

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Top Spring & Summer 2023 Fashion Trends

Paris Haute Couture 2023 predicted the biggest trends for 2023, from dramatic puff sleeves, sequined and metallic materials to sensual sheer fabrics. Here are the top trends for spring & summer.

SS'23 Fashion Trends

Metallic Color Trend

Metallic is one of those special color trends that keeps coming back. The silver, gold and bronze, which are often prevalent during the holiday season, are now adorning summer wardrobes. This style is being incorporated into everything, from garments to footwear to handbags.

The trend is extended through the warmer months with chic and feminine colors like hot pink, orange and purple which were boldly on display on the runways.

Baruni Sandy Pant Suit

Sheer Fabric Trend

One of the major reasons why sheer looks have not gone out of style in the last few years is that women want to be seen, and sheer materials can accentuate the feminine form in a way that can be subtle and sensual.

With the use of maximalist ornamentation and minimalist silhouettes, many designers took a risk and created some of the most gorgeous creations ever to grace the catwalk.

baruni Carolina Kaftan

Sequins Trend

Previously reserved for the holiday season, sequins are now de rigueur for all seasons and times of day. When it comes to this trend in 2023, the more sparkle, the better.

With all that glitter, bright hues and neutrals will gain an extra drop of glam, elevating this year’s top looks. Sequins are increasingly appearing on informal clothing as well; they are no longer just found on party dresses and bridesmaid gowns.

Baruni Halle Dress

Puffed Sleeves Trend

The distinctive element of the current ‘luminous silhouette’ fashion trend that everyone is adopting is exaggerated sleeves. Wearing such lavish, puffed-out sleeves, creates a look that is extravagant and is making a bold statement.

This design trend that our favorite celebs and fashion influencers have been utilizing to make statements in everything from their street style to evening attire is definitely going to stay. 

Baruni Tena Dress

Statement Jewelry Trend

Oversized statement earrings have been chosen for 2023 as a comeback moment. The bigger the better, this trend has been worn with varied styling from sporty silhouettes, to tailored looks and finally high glam, proving that an oversized earring is always appropriate. 

Rounding out the Paris looks is another throwback trend: choker necklaces. Early adopters are starting to wear them now, but you should expect to see many more of them as we head into the upcoming season.

Statement Jewelry

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-by Mary Vukovic'

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