New Year, New Moon

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New Year, New Moon
Today's New Moon in Capricorn kicks off the year with a serious tone. Capricorn is an earth sign that has strong ambitions and is willing to make commitments and do the work in order to achieve long term goals. Capricorn takes responsibility for themselves and often for others willing to help when needed. Capricorn is the wise old soul of the zodiac and can offer good advice and be the voice of reason when needed. 
With four planets in Capricorn, including Venus and Pluto this is a time to take stock of where we are at in our relationships and values, and to weed out what is no longer serving us. It's a time to make mature decisions and face any areas in life we may have been neglecting. 
The New Moon is in a positive aspect with Uranus, the Change Maker encouraging us to make healthy lifestyles changes. Applying discipline and sticking with new routines can be easier now. Embracing changes that support your long term goals and allow you to build for the future is the best use of your energies at this time. As you clear out old baggage mentally and emotionally, it's a great time to clear out your closets and make space for new items that reflect who you want to be in 2022. 
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