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As Easter is upon us in a couple of weeks, we’re taking a cue from this joyous holiday’s color palette, which consists of beautiful . Just in time for Spring, these light colors range from pink, purple, green, yellow, and blue. Pastel, which is defined as a soft and delicate shade of color, is airy and bright like the warm weather during this time of year. As we push back our dark-colored clothes worn in the winter to the back of our closet, we happily welcome uplifting clothes to brighten up our wardrobe and mood.


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Wearing and decorating with pastel colors on Easter isn’t something new. These colors were actually first introduced by Pope Innocent III in 1198 as symbols from the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament. For example, purple symbolizes sorrow, which reflects Jesus’s atonement and suffering before he was resurrected. It’s a good thing these colors are symbolic of Easter because they make the perfect palette for flowers, greenery, and other outdoor decorations. With white (symbolizing purity) Easter bunnies all around and different color Easter eggs surrounding them, these hues are the perfect backdrop for a celebration with family and friends.

As we buy ornaments and other goodies to spruce up our homes, we’ll also be thinking of what to wear on Sunday, April 17th. People typically attend church on Easter Sunday and gather for brunch with family. Wherever you are that day, you’ll want to wear a festive outfit that fits the occasion. Since sustainability is at the heart of IdPearl, we’ve rounded up our favorite sustainable pastel outfits and accessories for women to wear on Easter.

Monte Marmotta Scarf

Seidenmann: Monte Marmotta Scarf

Whether you wear it like a bonnet or wear it around your neck, you can’t go wrong with a lightweight scarf in a soft pastel pink and floral print. Style it with white pants, a simple blue top, and wedges to bring out this wearable piece of art You can also wear it as a headband depending on how you typically style your accessories.

Artists hand-draw the designs which are printed onto high-quality Italian fabrics. They’re then hand-stitched and finished in Zurich, Switzerland. Made of 100% georgette silk, this scarf can be worn from Easter through summer. It’ll become a staple in your spring closet because spectacular art never goes out of style.

Shop the scarf here.

Karma Fringed Shoulder Bag

Berge Karma Fringed Shoulder Bag

This fringed bag comes in blush, black, and a few other colors. You can wear this pastel bag on Easter and every day as a staple accessory that carries your belongings. The crossover strap and fringe details add style and movement to this already on-trend leather bag. There’s a big zipper opening to store items like your phone, wallet, chapstick, keys, and other necessities. Detach the strap and carry the bag like a purse for a more sophisticated look.

Shop the bag here.

Two Tone Midi Skirt

Baruni Apparel Two-Tone Midi Skirt

You can go a lot of different ways when planning your Easter outfit. You can be fancy or casual — it all depends on how your family typically dresses up for the holiday and what kind of festivities are happening.

This two-tone asymmetrical midi-skirt with a ruffle hem can be dressed up or down. You can wear it with a plain white short sleeve t-shirt and jean jacket or pair it with a matching button-down blouse. With the long-sleeve blouse tucked into the skirt, it basically looks like a midi pastel dress. If you’re feeling bold, the skirt also comes in orange or green (another pretty Easter color). It also wraps at the waist for a flattering look. The designer, Fadwa Baruni, uses eco-friendly fabrics with unique textures and colors.

Shop the skirt here.

What is the purpose of sustainable pastel fashion for Easter?

Wearing sustainable fashion on Easter and all year round is good for the environment and helps support independent designers and their employees who design everything with care.

What is the typical color palette for pastel fashion?

Pastel fashion typically consists of blue, purple, yellow, green, and pink.


Baruni Apparel

What are some sustainable materials that the fashion industry is using?

Organic cotton, hemp, and linen are perfect examples of sustainable materials. Sustainable materials refer to elements that can reused, don’t deplete resources, and are good for the environment.

Wearing colorful, sustainable clothing on Easter will look good and feel good, too. Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be boring. These pieces are made with love, fair labor, and resources that don’t hurt the environment. Most pastel fashion is not sustainable, which is why we’re proud to carry designer clothes and accessories that support an eco-friendly world.

- By Bonnie Azoulay 

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