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Premium Denim Staples. Iconic Fits. 

As makers of handcrafted denim in the USA, we believe that honest quality, good value, and exceptional comfort are all essential in creating the perfect product.  Our mission is to cultivate a community of inclusivity and stay dedicated to our goal of local US manufacturing.  Every pair of our jeans are made locally in Los Angeles, placing Just Black Denim apart from the rest. 

Just Black Denim

Asian-Owned Family Business

Just Black Denim is a multi-generational family owned business. Christine Chung, VP of Sales & Marketing is the face of the brand and is spearheading its growth into the future. They have 30 years of expertise and innovation in denim development under their belts, putting them ahead of the curve. The brand was built on the principles of hyperlocal, small batch, vertical production that distributes to boutiques across the country. 

In a recent interview with Slow and Sustain, Christine says: 

'I am committed to continuing the ethos of local manufacturing and supporting other local businesses. From a product standpoint, we are committed to creating great jeans for great value.'

Sustainability in the Denim Business

Regarding sustainability Christine says this: 

'Consumers are continuing to desire transparency and a connection to the product life cycle from inception, purchase, wardrobe, to what happens after that. Our long-term aspirations are to remain at the forefront of responsible product creation. When it comes to sustainability, it’s both a personal and business mission. Sustainability is extremely challenging for all apparel, and consumer goods. A lot of brands have been marketing sustainability, but for us, we wanted it to mean something internally too — in our daily routine. That includes working with sustainable materials, innovating on the manufacturing front, and developing digital components of all business types.

It’s very challenging to have denim production be 100% sustainable. We’re not yet entirely sustainable but we’re inching towards it in long-term plan. For the next 30 years, our focus is to continue to be the experts in denim craft. We’re striving to expand on multiple fronts regarding sustainability and manufacturing.

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- by Mary Vukovic'

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