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Now, more than ever, supporting small business, independent designers and Made in the USA products is so important and can have a huge impact not only on individual lives but also on local communities. And it's much easier to track that impact or see the benefit to the local economy when you choose to purchase locally sourced goods. 
More people are also recognizing the importance of purchasing products Made in the USA, and how that not not only helps to support the economy but also expresses a sense of unity and pride. “Made in the USA” is not just a slogan, but represents a commitment to quality, a belief in fair wages and working conditions, and support for our local communities. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, “almost 8 in 10 American consumers say they would rather buy an American-made product than an imported one.”
When you support local designers, you are also supporting entrepreneurship, healthy competition and ingenuity.  There can be more awareness on the designers part of what the consumers are looking for, and their specific tastes and needs based on being more closely connected to the retail to consumer chain. 
Supporting local also benefits the cities and towns in which the businesses or designers may reside. The more healthy local business there is, the more appealing a place may be to live, raise children, and create your own business. It raises the overall value of the area and its resident's lives. If money is circulating back into the community you are guaranteed to see the direct benefit from your support. 
It also encourages creativity. If local designers do well and receive recognition for their work and efforts, it will encourage others to utilize their skills or to learn knew skills that could be turned into a small business. Generally, a community that has artisan based businesses often becomes a destination point for tourists and those looking to have a unique shopping experience. 
Our designer AndRena Nikol's leather accessories are handmade in the USA, in the heart of Texas. AndRena's bags and cuffs combine rugged urban design with exotic leathers and bold colors. Feminine details meet tough hardware to create a line that is edgy yet feels and looks luxe. The quality is evident in the feel and construction of her leather bags and cuffs which she lovingly constructs. 
And this is ultimately the major benefit of buying local handmade goods, you can see and experience the difference of an item that has been designed and constructed from the bottom up by an individual or a small team of people that care.  That caring equates to quality. And then you know you are supporting someone's personal dream, and that just feels good. 
White hobo leather bag on fashion model


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