Why Natural Ingredients in Skincare Matters 

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When you walk into a retail environment that is diffusing oils or burning high quality candles, this can immediately shift your mood and your desire to stay in that store. The goal is ultimately to have customers feel relaxed and comfortable in your store. Sharing natural products with them and dialoguing about natural ingredients is a great way to connect beyond the traditional retail banter. 

We live in a time where people are more health conscious than ever before. Because of advances in science and medicine, we have a better understanding of how the 
body is affected by what we put in it. There are more and more studies done on the harmful impacts of chemical ingredients in our food, environment and products.

This has resulted in a hyper-awareness that many consumers have developed regarding the products they buy. Reading ingredients labels is now a common practice. But as is often the case, we are unfamiliar with the ingredients we are reading. That is why educating ourselves has become even more important. And in retail businesses, it is ever more important to be able to speak to these things, so that customers may be well informed and satisfied with the products they purchase.  

Another benefit to using more natural products is the environmental impact that occurs from water run-off laced with chemicals, plastic micro-beads, synthetic fragrances and synthetic pigments. We know these are not great for our bodies, but what about the oceans and the earth, and the animals that live within the environment? How are they impacted? We are becoming more fully aware of the larger impact of industrial progress. 

Natural skincare products is a big market these days and it's growing. The days of petroleum based products filling store shelves is over. And this has also led to a trend of desiring higher quality ingredients, and also simpler ingredients. You want to read a label and at least recognize most of the ingredients. And if the ingredients are largely plant, mineral or vitamin based, then you probably will. 

This also applies to the fragrance market. Most traditional perfumes and fragrances are largely chemical based.  Those chemicals are often endocrine-disrupters, which means they can throw your glandular system off.

There is a move these days back to using pure essential oils in fragrance based products. Essential oils are distilled directly from plants and flowers, and if high quality, are very pure and potent. Once you smell a product that is made with pure lavender or jasmine oil, versus one that is adulterated, you immediately notice the difference. Pure essential oils are known to have a positive impact on your mood and mind. And they are not toxic to the environment. In fact, diffusing these oils in your work or home environment has proven health benefits, like increasing clarity and focus, or clearing mold or viruses from the air.

For quick and easy lists of ingredients to avoid go to this site: 

A wonderful way to introduce scents into your environment is with a diffuser or high quality candle. Our newest brand Lavender & Lillie offers both in the most exquisite blends of exotic fragrances that will carry you to another world, while keeping you firmly grounded in your home, office or store. 

They also make lovely soaps, creams and body washes so you may carry their wonderful scents with you wherever you go. They utilize natural ingredients like glycerine, sustainable palm oil, coconut, castor, Abyssinian grapeseed, sweet almond and vitamin E oils that they infuse with exotic-scented essential oils. 

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