Why slow fashion is winning the fashion race

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Slow fashion is a way to "identify sustainable fashion solutions, based on the repositioning of strategies of design, production, consumption, use, and reuse, which are emerging alongside the global fashion system, and are posing a potential challenge to it." -Wikipedia

Slow fashion is about purchasing and creating fashion with integrity and awareness of the impact the entire consumer process has on the planet. It conne
cts the awareness of social and environmental responsibility with the appreciation of wearing and acquiring beautiful, well-made, and lasting clothing and accessories.

In this world filled with so much fast fashion and fast food it was inevitable that we would reach a saturation point in terms of what the planet could sustain as well as consumer burnout from over consumption. As the impact of over-industrialization becomes more apparent, people are looking for alternatives that provide more than instant gratification and a cheap price tag. Quality products that involve ethical and sustainable production practices as well as connection to global communities and artisans is becoming far more appealing and meaningful. 
There are three main components that make up the slow fashion movement. Ethical fashion takes into account the business and production practices and how they are actioned utilizing transparency and a high level of ethics and integrity in the process. This could apply to areas such as avoiding slave labor practices and making sure fair wages are paid to workers. Also, an awareness of not exploiting local communities and resources in order to maximize a companies bottom line. Ethics also applies to what type of materials are used and what the impact of those materials is on people, animals and the planet. 

Eco-fashion is primarily concerned with how the materials and production processes directly impact the environment. The carbon footprint of producing overseas and needing to transport far distances plays a major role in this. The development of new techniques and fabrics that require less chemicals and low water use are also a focus. Utilizing recycled materials and up-cycled vintage materials are a major trend in the slow fashion movement. 

Lasting fashion is about investing in quality fashion items that will stand the test of time both in style and fabrication. Items that are hand-made with high quality fabrics will outlive fast fashion lower quality items. Generally with fast fashion items, construction and materials show wear after one season. Also, often the styling is based on passing trends that are short-lived and quickly become irrelevant. Whereas with slow fashion items, they often are more classic in styling with the focus being on subtle design details and hand-dyed or printed fabrics. 

Although price is sometimes a deterrent for purchasing slow fashion items, in the long run, one piece of well-designed and well produced clothing will outlive five cheap pieces of clothing. Generally, the more a person spends on their clothes, the more value the item will hold. It makes the piece more special and therefore will make you feel better about what you choose to wear, and the designers you support. 
idPearl Showroom curates brands that embrace the slow fashion ethos. Often handmade by designers around the world, utilizing natural materials and eco-conscious fabrics, the unifying factor is high quality and uniqueness. Whether it's hand-drawn prints from Zürich or hand-stitched handbags from Texas, our designers are taking the time to make something special for the discerning consumer.
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