How To Freshen Up Your Closet For 2023

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New Year, New Wardrobe Ideas 

The New Year is a great time to think about refreshing your closet.  We all have things taking up space in our closet that we aren’t wearing anymore. How we feel when we get dressed is really important to our overall wellbeing. 

Start 2023 fresh by donating these older items to charity to make room for some new stylish pieces.  And when we choose slow fashion by independent designers over fast fashion, we look good and feel good. 

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How to freshen up your closet in 2023

Our Top Picks:

The 'go with everything' belt

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Leather Ribbon Belt

The Statement Necklace

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Statement Necklaces

The Chunky Knit

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The Pattern Scarf 

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The Designer Socks

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The Winter Hat 

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- by Mary Vukovic'

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